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Google Docs™ made easy.
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Google Docs™ made easy

Google Docs on iOS! TouchDocs is the easiest way to use Google Docs on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

  • Stunning graphical interface, designed for superior ease of use.
  • Navigate through your files and collections (folders) with ease. Files can be sorted by date, name, or type.
  • Jump quickly to any collection (folder) with a single tap.
  • Search directly for file using full-text search.

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Your Documents - any time, anywhere

  • Document viewer presents a stunning view of your files. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images, movies, and music can all be displayed.
  • Files are automatically downloaded to the device (cached), and can be viewed even without an internet connection.
  • E-mail files, print files, open files in other apps.

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Quick and Easy Navigation

  • Navigation View - Browse and navigate through files and folders (collections)
  • Collections View - Jump quickly to any folder (collection)
  • Search View - Full text search of any document

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Edit and Modify Your Documents

  • Edit your documents and spreadsheets while online. Uses Google's mobile web editor directly within the app.
  • Star, rename, or delete any file.
  • Create a new empty document or spreadsheet.
  • Import new files from other apps and upload them to Google Docs.