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The amazing digital journal / diary
The best way to keep a journal or diary on your iPhone or iPad. Record your thoughts, memories, ideas and photos in a rich stunning format. Keep your journal synced across devices through Dropbox or Google Drive.

Create amazing journals
You'll never be limited to boring journal entries again! Use Journaling to quickly and easily create new entries containing text, images, headers, and lists. Choose from a variety of gorgeous backgrounds and fonts to make each journal entry a reflection of how you feel.

Stay organized
Keep your entires organized by time and date. Browse entries in either a calendar or list view.

Keep in sync
Journaling syncs with Dropbox or Google Drive, allowing you to view and edit your journal online or on your computer---all text, headers, and images are preserved! Syncing is as easy as the press of a single button---Journaling keeps track of which entries need syncing, so you don't have to.

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Amazing Journals

Images and Drawings
Insert images or photos from the camera to any note anywhere. Draw on top of an existing image or create a new blank drawing.
Custom Looks
Express exactly how you're heeling by choosing from a variety of backgrounds and fonts for each journal entry.
Rich Content
Images, bold headings, and lists let you express yourself better than plain text ever could.
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Stay Organized

Calendar View
See which days have journal entries at a glance.
List View
See all your journal entries in a single list. Search for entries by keyword.
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Keep in Sync
with Dropbox or Google Drive

  • Syncs with either Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • AUTOMATIC SYNC when you open or close the app. No need to remember to manually sync!
  • Use the app normally while syncing occurs in the background!
  • Journal entries synced with Dropbox are synced as .docx files and can be edited with Microsoft Word 2007 or later.
  • Journal entries synced with Google Docs/Drive are synced as Google Docs "document" files and can be viewed/edited online.
  • Multiple devices can share journals by syncing with the same account.