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It's like having a rock concert on your phone!
It's near the end of the show, and you've possibly had a bit too much to drink. You've listened to the band all night, and at this point you think it would be very clever to yell out the request "Freebird!" (just like everybody else)...

STOP, don't do it. Not because you'll look like a fool (which you will), but rather because now THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT!

  • Tap anywhere on the screen to yell "Freebird!"
  • Choose any songs, playlist or album from your iPod library and the app will play it and yell "Freebird!" automatically between each song
  • Four different voices

The first time it's confusing.
The second time it's amusing.
Times 3-10 it starts to get annoying.
But if you can make it past 10 times you'll love it!


A small diversion from Kabuki Vision, the developers who brought you
NoteMaster - Notes and Images, together at last!